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What is Human Resources Worried About?

By: Casey Siewert Thursday February 20, 2014 comments Tags: Company Culture, Documentation, Employee Referrals, Hiring, Human Resources, On-boarding

Every Human Resources organization is different, but in my experience I can tell you that  HR usually worries about a mix of these 4 things:

  • Creating a Great Culture

  • Leadership Development

  • Employee On-boarding

  • Documentation

Culture - this is always an interesting one for me. HR is usually tasked with making sure the organization has a great culture. How does this happen? Well it starts with hiring the right people.  After that, culture is usually developed through training, leadership approach, promotional opportunities, team-building activities, company perks and being sure to hire more people that embrace the culture that has been developed. This is an incredibly difficult role for an HR organization, mostly because hiring "the right people" is still ultimately left up to the hiring manager.  Along with that challenge, many employees ignore emails from HR about team-building events, training opportunities, company perks, and other information that helps to enhance company culture. Who do you think is the key driver of company culture: HR or senior leadership?

Leadership Development -- I think this almost goes without saying, but in order for your company to succeed, your people must succeed. In order for your people to succeed, you need to invest in them. When employees are invested in, they invest in the company's success. Your leadership sets the tone for your organization. These are the exact people that refer other great people just like them, and really help to define your culture. These leaders, in turn, motivate their staff and think of creative ways to drive the company forward. Proper leadership development takes care of all 4 of these areas that keep HR up all night. If you're not worrying about leadership development, maybe you should.

Employee On-boarding -- This isn't just about having your new employee's workstation and computer up and running for their first day. Its critical to the department's success to make sure that the transition for a new employee is nothing but smooth. Developing a plan to train your new employee can help save you and your department from a barrage of questions later. On-boarding also helps set the tone for the organization, so that they learn quickly the culture and are able to quickly and easily adapt. Click here to get CareerBuilder's 10 Commandments for Successful Employee On-boarding.


Documentation - in a world where almost everything is paperless, HR is usually the last place where any paperless processes are implemented. Paperless processes for on-boarding, orientation, performance reviews and payroll solutions aren't cheap, and HR isn't usually gifted with the funds to implement any worthwhile solution for this problem. Since HR is a heavily regulated department this is always a challenge, but an even bigger one with larger organizations and limited resources. How has your organization dealt with the growing amount of required documentation?


About the Author: Casey Siewert