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“Talent Shortage” or Hiring a Purple Squirrel?

By: Doug Hay Tuesday November 26, 2013 comments

With a national unemployment rate at 7.3%, some might think it would make sense to hold out for that purple squirrel you've already spent 6 months recruiting for:  someone with 5 years of experience in creative SEO tactics, strong Google AdWords analytics experience, 7+ years of experience in financial modeling, Six-Sigma black belt, forklift-certified Social Media Expert. Oh, and they have to jive with the company culture-- you can't have a bad egg. They MUST be out there somewhere.

Truth be told, they may actually be out there. However, you're likely losing money by the day holding out for the candidate that fulfills every single requirement. Your goal is to get someone in the role that will be successful because of their previous experience, generate revenue for the company, and fit in with the company culture. Company culture fit is critical, since you don't want your efforts to be wasted if the person leaves within a few months, or if other people start leaving the organization because of him/her.

This article by Suzanne Lucas talks about hiring managers that "stink" at hiring because of an over-reliance on databases and not being happy with the candidate that may have just been "good enough" for the role. The recruitment role is a tricky one: be too loose on qualifications you're worried that you are missing out on someone more qualified; too strict on the "good enough" candidates, and you may miss out on someone who may only require a small bit of training to do the job well. There's a balance, but you shouldn't lose sleep over trying to find this purple squirrel that is now sporting stripes and polka dots.

The world is a small place, but only if you ask the right questions to the right people. The right people are already connected to you, you just need to ask the question: "Who do you know that is forklift-certified and has Google Adwords experience?"

We are working hard on the product that will help hiring managers & recruiters get the right people for the right job. Leveraging your network should be the best resource for finding your new best employee, and shouldn't add to any other stress that is going around this time of year. Contact us to find out how we can help you find your purple squirrels!

Happy Stress-free Holidays from Innotrieve!
Doug Hay

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