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Just like Ice Cream Parlors: Have a “Taste” of Referral Link

By: Doug Hay Wednesday June 11, 2014 comments

ice-53011_640Ice cream parlors have the right idea.  They offer "tastes" of the funky new flavor of the day. Just in case the jalapeno chocolate pecan doesn't taste as good as it sounds, you can have a free taste and then decide if you want to buy a full double dip cone.

Advancements in recruiting technology are hitting the market every day.  As a recruiting leader, you are   reviewing new technology options daily. You may be worried about implementing a new tool and how it will affect your current recruiting process.  Should you go all in with a "new technology or bust" attitude? What if the new technology simply does not fit into your current process or organizational structure?  But what if you pass on the new technology and miss out on the advantages it provides, not to mention some great new recruits?

Innotrieve is here to offer you a taste of our new recruitment technology*, Referral Link .  That's right, contact us today and try Referral Link for 30 days free*.  Just like the ice cream parlors we'll  give you a taste at no charge.

Sign up today for your 30 day free trial today*.

*Limited time offer. Limited number of trial participants. Trial must be completed by 7/31/14.
Doug Hay

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