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Holiday Weekends & Work Productivity

By: Casey Siewert Friday May 23, 2014 comments Tags: Employee Engagement

Are you still working today?

Most of you have already probably left the office, but for those of you still sitting at your desk: how productive are you right now?

Memorial DayI bet most of you are thinking about all the things you can squeeze into your long weekend. Most of us are -- don't feel bad about it, unless of course you have some deadlines looming.

Since your attention span is probably comparable to that of a gnat right now, here are two of our favorite tips on leveraging your Friday-before-a-holiday-weekend to make your Tuesday-after-a-holiday weekend and the week-after-a-holiday weekend much more pleasant:

  • Get one thing off your desk You know you're going to feel better about going into your weekend, and you definitely know that Tuesday won't hurt quite as much.

  • End the week on a high. Show someone appreciation. Write a kind email, a note on a piece of paper, or a coffee gift card.

Are you one of those that's fine on a Friday-before-a-holiday-weekend, but really struggle the week-after-a-holiday weekend?

Here are our two favorite tips on getting back into the productive swing of things on Tuesday:

  • Check your calendar. After you've done this, you'll feel like you're more easily able to prioritize your week and the things you need to get done, when.

  • Single-task. "Yeah right," you say. Seriously, this is one of the best ways to set your focus and accomplish a task, rather than start a whole bunch of tasks.


Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and remember to reflect on the real reason for the holiday!

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