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Free Publicity. Chopping Superfluous Job Descriptions. Internal Branding. Job Fairs. University Contacts.

By: Casey Siewert Tuesday January 21, 2014 comments Tags: Job Descriptions, Networking, Recruiting, Referral Link

These are some of the key points from last Thursday's "Where Oh Where Have All the Candidates Gone?" workshop, sponsored by the Larimer County Workforce Center and presented by Carrie Pinsky.

In attendance were a handful of HR Professionals and Recruiters from local companies, who were all faced with their own unique sourcing challenges. From how to handle employee referrals without giving too much preferential treatment, to building candidate pipelines and even where to find entry-level candidates.Campus Recruiting

Carrie presented a few ideas that HR Professionals and Recruiters had heard before, and some really fresh ideas also. However, it was the discussion that she facilitated around each of her key points breathed new life into solving current sourcing challenges.

A few takeaways from Carrie's presentation & the ensuing discussions:

  • Free Publicity! HARO - Help A Reporter Out. Awesome! A great way to make a name for your company & brand without doing a Social Media dizzy-dance.

  • Do your job descriptions include the kitchen sink? Are they scaring away or filtering out perfectly capable candidates? Does your accountant need to have software (or other specific) industry experience, or can a bright individual figure out the specifics in a few weeks? How much money are you losing by waiting for that "perfect candidate"?

  • Internal branding for your company. Your best PR sometimes comes from your current employees. Do they really know about all of the perks your company can offer? They are constantly meeting people who are asking them what they do and where they work. They are your best source of referrals for new employees. Be sure they know about all the great things your company has to offer!

  • Job Fairs or Continuous Networking - Are you hiring right now? Great! Head to that job fair and have a face-to-face conversation with a potential new employee. Not hiring? You should still march on over to that job fair - you never know when your top performer will hand in their 2 week notice. Build up your candidate pipeline!

  • Who do you know at your local college or university? Someone that could maybe post your entry-level open position above the copier in the Student Center? Get to know the staff at your local educational institutions.

Candidates are hard to find, but make sure you're looking for them in the right places, and making sure your company is attractive to potential job candidates. We have another solution (Referral Link), but wanted to share with you this great information as well.

Where do you have the most success finding candidates for your open jobs?

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