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Do you post "I'm Hiring!" on LinkedIn?

By: Casey Siewert Tuesday April 15, 2014 comments Tags: Hiring, Human Resources, Networking, Recruiting, Sourcing


Are you a recruiter that tries to get great candidates from posting a generic "I'm Hiring for a [job title]" on LinkedIn?

Okay, we heard you. Is that all you have to say? Am I supposed to just send over anyone I know that might qualify for the job? Why would I do that? Just because I'm your friend or because I'm connected to you?

Probably not. If I see your "I'm Hiring" post on LinkedIn, I breeze right by and move down to someone who is posting some interesting, relevant content that I want to read. Am I the only person that thinks this way? Perhaps, but likely not.

How can you make your "I'm Hiring" posts stick out from all other noise that is inundating social media today? Here are a few thoughts:

  • Don't post all of your open positions at once (would you want to see that in your news feed?)

  • Care a little bit more about your description. Otherwise, it's hard for me to think of anyone to refer. It doesn't take too much time to come up with a few descriptors that could really help gain some great referrals.

    • Think: "Great growth opportunity at a Fortune 500 Company for someone who is high energy, loves to interact with people, and has excellent troubleshooting skills."

  • Have you posted anything unique about your company?

    • I probably wouldn't refer someone to a company I know nothing about. I would like to give them some more information about your company and why it's interesting. I need a reason why you would be on the top of my mind. Think:

      • Interesting Company News

      • Recent Awards

      • Fun or Interesting Blog Posts

      • Fun office photos

  • Keep your message targeted to the appropriate audience. Take the "I'm Hiring" messageĀ somewhere that the relevant talent spends their time.

  • Send me a message to connect! I know YOU are hiring, but when was the last time WE connected? Did I possess a similar role in the past? Did I/do I work at a competing organization? Chances are targeting your messaging with a personal note will yield some warmer leads & connections. These messages might not help you with this job, but they may help you for your next job.

So please, please stop with the generic "I'm hiring for a [job title]" posts. Recruiters areĀ smart, clever, and personable. So post your jobs that way!

About the Author: Casey Siewert