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Continuous Recruitment is for Smart Recruiters

By: Casey Siewert Thursday June 5, 2014 comments Tags: Employee Referrals, Recruiting

Are you a busy recruiter? Of course you are. All recruiters are busy!

If you're thinking, "why would I be busy when I've filled all of my open requisitions?" it might be time to examine your processes.

Do you have one (or two, or three) job(s) that take a long time to fill, or are really difficult to find candidates? Maybe it's time to build out a continuous recruitment plan.

In a Career Builder Study of more than 2,600 hiring managers nationwide, it was shown that:

  • 72% of U.S. employers that actively market to candidates say that it reduces their time-to-hire with 41% stating it has shaved off at least 3 weeks on average.

  • 41% reported lower cost-per-hire, with 22% citing a savings of $1,000 or more per hire

  • 3 WEEKS!

  • $1,000+!


If you had to find someone for one of your hardest-to-fill positions today, could you do it? Could you do it in 1 week? 2 weeks? How much money is it costing you? How much time is it costing you?

A great recruiter's job is never done, because at the end of the day, they need to be sure they have a sufficient "rainy day list" that they can call on at any time. Cultivating this rainy day list will not only help you fill your open positions more quickly, but will provide you with some information on the current job market, and how competitive your company is in the overall market.

Do you want to fill your open position with just "anyone" or the best person for the job? Building relationships is the best way to do this. If you don't already have a continuous recruitment plan, think about your Employee Referral Program. This would be an excellent place to start building your "rainy day list," and we have an app for that, if you need our help...

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