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Boost Your Passive Recruiting Game

By: Casey Siewert Thursday July 17, 2014 comments Tags: passive recruiting

Are you an order-filler, or are you a recruiter? Sometimes even if your title says "recruiter," you don't have time to do what you know you should be doing: finding the best people for the job and getting them to join the company. Depending on your company, you may be getting some good people in your applicant pool, but they might not be the best people for the job.

This is where passive recruiting should come into play. "Who has time for passive recruiting?" you're thinking... "I'm just trying to keep up with these open requisitions that I have!"

Passive recruiting shouldn't be so scary! Think of it as having conversations. One-at-a-time. TALK!

Consider the prospects you're after: where can they be found online? Find out - and engage away! Bryan Chaney has some excellent insights into exactly how easy passive recruiting can be:

"Whether it's on a forum, user group, blog, simple email or any social network, the conversation was the goal. 8 minutes out of every 30 minutes of television programming is commercial in nature. Your content feed should look similar because we've been conditioned to tolerate that noise-to-signal ratio.

25% Helpful - 25% Valuable - 25% Interesting - 25% jobs

... Begin by talking to them like you would face to face. It's natural, organic, human. Talk to them about things they care about. Because you care about them, too. Real recruiters know their industry. They know the dynamics of their company. And they know their talent."

Engage early, often, and most importantly: be human! Oh, and if you're going to reach out to some prospects on LinkedIn, check out these 5 tips to help increase your InMail Response Rates.

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