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Birds of a Feather Flock Together But…

By: Doug Hay Tuesday August 12, 2014 comments


We have learned a number of valuable lessons since beginning our research to develop Referral Link and its underlying patent pending HR Smart Match Technology.


  • We've learned there are active recruiters and uh..not so active recruiters.

  • We've learned that writing a great job description is a talent that not all those who are tasked with writing them, possess.

  • We've also learned that birds of a feather flock together but they also know other, different-feathered, but equally talented birds.


For example, just because you are a software engineer does not mean you don't know any great accountants. Or just because you lead your team in sales does not mean you are not connected with an outstanding VP of Operations.


It makes sense that your accounts receivable clerk would know some great project managers who have purchased your company's product or service.  It makes sense that your productive and engaged sales people will know their client's IT department if the sale involves integrating disparate systems.


The challenges with traditional employee referral programs are:


  • They are either too limited or too broad in their scope.

  • Participation is very low (10-15%) because of the time commitment traditional employee referral methods require.

  • Some of your most connected employees are not engaged.


Often times when there is a job opening in a department, only those within that department are asked if they know anyone who would be a great candidate.  This method produces some candidates because birds of a feather do flock together. However, think of all of the qualified candidates who may go undiscovered with this limited approach.


We all work with people who are connected.  You know the guy, he knows everyone in the industry or at least knows someone who knows someone.  Why wouldn't you engage him in every job search you have? How do you get him to share his network so you can find the best candidates? Until now there has not been a simple and non-intrusive method to engage this guy and others like him in your organization.


Our Referral Link solution simplifies the employee referral process by:


  • Engaging more employees (40% average participation).

  • Delivering to every participating employee, a list of their contacts who are qualified for the open position.

  • With a click of a button employees can refer on their best candidates to your recruitment team complete with additional notes if they choose.

  • Referral Link delivers a list of all the referred and qualified candidates to recruiters, instead of having them sift through qualified and unqualified referrals.

  • Recruiters' sourcing time is reduced dramatically while the quality of qualified and referred leads for your open positions increases dramatically.


Contact us today to get a bird's eye view of Referral Link.




Doug Hay

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