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Sourcing = Trick or Treating

By: Casey Siewert Friday October 31, 2014 comments Tags: Employee Referrals, Sourcing

When you were younger, likely you joined the rest of the neighborhood kids by trick-or-treating on Halloween. 

Once you got a bit older, you knew which houses had the best candy, and which ones handed out FULL-SIZED CANDY BARS, and then those that handed out toothbrushes in lieu of candy. However, in all my memories of trick-or-treating, I still went to every house because, even though I knew that certain houses were known to hand out toothbrushes, I loved looking at the great mixture that I had accumulated at the end of the night. 

Trick or Treat

You could liken trick-or-treating to sourcing in this regard: 

Always make sure to always go to the good "houses" for your candidates: your company website and your social networks. 

Next up: the "toothbrush houses": your job boards. You don't have to go here, but you know that you should, just to get a well-rounded mix of candidates.

NEVER FORGET: The BEST houses that hand out the full-sized candy bars-- you need to go to those first, before your competition does: your employee referrals! These are the "holy grail" of Halloween and your overall sourcing strategy!


So, this Halloween, try trick-or-treating in your "Employee Referral Houses!"




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