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Say What? Every Employee Should Have A Personal Assistant

By: mprinz Wednesday May 25, 2016 comments

On any given day, I bet you can think of 99 things you’d rather do than arrange a conference call, meeting or lunch appointment – especially for a bunch of people. It’s even more frustrating when scheduling conflicts follow post-plan. Then the nightmare starts all over again. Precious time is wasted nailing down the perfect time for everyone involved. It’s irritating. 

Dennis Mortensen felt the pain too, and did something about it. He created Amy and Andrew Ingram artificial intelligence (AI) chat-bots. For most of us, it wasn’t feasible to have our own personal assistant - until now. Their sole focus is to happily arrange, cancel and rearrange meetings for you. And the great news, s/he doesn’t require time-off, food or a fancy office. Better still, you can beta test both bots at

Three cheers for wasting less time. And that’s great. Now your calendar is jammed full. What you really need, is an assistant who will stand-in for you on conference calls that require little to none of your input. Because again, there’s 99 things you’d rather be doing. 

Josh Newlan thought so too. He developed an app called Say What? to alert him when his name is mentioned during a call. It then provides a quick catch-up transcript to get him up to speed and plays a prerecorded apology over the line about having a muted mic, etcetera etcetera. It buys him enough time to get his act together to respond in person. It’s not on the market yet, but it’s genius. Until then, you’ll have to continue doing what you’ve been doing all along - either fake it or pay attention. 

That said, summer is upon us. Just because the days are longer doesn’t mean the workday should be. Use AI to help you work smarter not harder and remember to wear your sunscreen.


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