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The Case for Emotional Intelligence Testing: How it Can Help You in HR (and in Love)

By: mprinz Thursday February 11, 2016 comments

A pool of candidates is a lot like a box of chocolates you never know who you’re going to get even after you’ve checked-out resumes and validated credentials. You hope by looking over each one, trusting experience and your gut, you’ll pick out the good from the bad. Besides, when in doubt, there’s always flipping a coin. But that didn’t work out too well at the Iowa caucuses. 

How do you determine if someone will be good (i.e. stable, reliable, productive) before you bring him or her in? More and more companies are looking to Emotional Intelligence (EI) testing for help in the pre-hiring phase. Think of it as the fingernail test you can use on a human. 

Here’s what it does: Through a series of questions it measures and evaluates how well you recognize, use, understand and manage, verbal and non-verbal emotions (both yours and others) when communicating in diverse social situations under varying circumstances and levels of stress. That was a mouthful. So? 

A survey by the world's premier provider of emotional intelligence products involving a half-million people has shown a direct correlation between top performers and those who have high EQs (Emotional Quotients). People with advanced levels of empathy, self-awareness and self-control; who have the ability to adapt well to change and are motivated for the sake of achievement; are more likely to be successful and satisfied than their counterparts. According to, TalentSmart, “75% of Fortune 500 companies rely“ on them “for emotional intelligence tests and training.” Who doesn’t want happy, dedicated top-notch performers? 

There’s much to consider whether you’re choosing the right candidate or looking for a life partner. A warm body to fill a spot isn’t enough. You hope for someone who’s in it for the long-term - someone who’s committed, honest and emotionally well balanced - someone who’s not going to flip out under pressure and bolt.


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