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How Hemingway, Crystal and a Fox Can Help You Communicate Better

By: mprinz Friday June 10, 2016 comments

Do you sometimes sound like a jerk? Are your emails rambling, confrontational, demanding or insensitive? Have you ever gasped in horror rereading the memo YOU just sent only to realize what you should have said didn’t come out the way it should have? 

In Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, written years before its time, spin-doctor Winston was chartered to rewrite history. Leaving the details out because you probably already know them, words can shape thought - and wrong words can be deadly. Rarely do you get second opportunities to explain your self. This holds true today in life and in business. 

In the actual year 1984, an irate person appeared to be the first to document and explain the use of ALL CAPITALS when writing, “if it’s in caps I’m trying to YELL!” At which point it made enough sense for us to be mindful of its use. Throwing CAPS on words in sentences either accidentally or strategically is the least of our worries though. Many people are guilty of worse. Considerately crafted communications or lack thereof, can charm clients on or turn them off. 

Sounds a lot like hocus-pocus, but there are some useful tools to assist you in coming across as kinder and smarter. Hemingway is dead, crystal isn’t a ball, and the fox isn’t real, but they’re all available to help take the hostility out and put the niceness and politeness back into your messages.                                

Hemingway is a color-coded app that edits your work to improve its meaning and clarity.                                                     

Crystal analyzes public data (based on Gmail, LinkedIn,, etc.) and coaches you to adapt your communication style to the personality of those you’re corresponding with.  

And the fox will score each sentence for a friendly tone. Its text editor will help shorten & sweeten your message.


I bet both Ernest and George are spinning in their graves at the thought that we now need programmed artificial intelligence to help us write, let alone remind us to be more compassionate - to be more human. But hey, it’s 2016. IT’S TIME TO GET WITH THE NOW BOYS.


Note: A human not under artificial influences wrote this.


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