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Hire a Veteran

By: Casey Siewert Tuesday November 11, 2014 comments

Today is a day that we honor the men and women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. I'm sure you can think of a few people off the top of your head that you should (if you haven't already) send a quick note to, thanking them for their service.

Burt Siewert

If my grandfather were still here today, I would have called him to thank him, but also to hear some of his great stories. Burt served in the Navy as an electrician from 1951-1955. Back when [somehow] it was possible to pay someone to pass your swimming test. Yes, you read that right. He paid someone to take his swimming test. He also loved America more than anyone I know.

Luckily, his skills were easily transferable, and he ended up working for General Electric after he got out of the Navy. Not everyone has easily transferable skills like Burt; however. 

Did you know: 

"The US Department of Labor estimates that the military discharges 160,000 Active service members and 110,000 Reserve and National Guard members annually.

Statistically, about 32,000 of those veterans will join the ranks of nearly 1 million veterans already unemployed. For young, male veterans (ages 18-24) the picture is even bleaker: in 2011, one out of every three was looking for work, almost double the unemployment rate of their non-veteran peers." (source: Hire Heroes USA)

The main reason why our veterans have a hard time finding jobs is because it's difficult to translate their valuable military skills into civilian employment skills. 

If you're a recruiter or Human Resources professional, do you have an active program in place to hire veterans? Is it something that you've thought about, but not actively pursued? Think about all of the great labor resources that are out there! 


Get out there and #HireAVeteran today! (Pass it on!)




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