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From Space Cadet to HR Data Miner in Two Decades!

By: Jerry Thurber Thursday January 21, 2016 comments

Are we on the verge of Self-Driving HR? Or maybe an HR Uber is in our future. 

If I’d told my wife in 1996 I was going to be an HR data analytics innovator someday she would have called me a space cadet. One of the things my family used to like to do while sitting down at dinner was play a game where we all speculated about how different the world would be in 20 years. Most of it was pretty fantastical, but not all. Back then the evolution of technical skills hadn’t changed much from the 1970s. Back then technology was still about automating current processes. Big companies were beginning to embrace Business Process Improvement, and ERP was the biggest thing in town. The need for increased productivity to reduce time, costs and competition with an ever-shrinking world was exploding. 

Fast-forward to today; advancements in efficiencies occur at the speed of light.  Smartphones do everything but fold the laundry (although they do record you doing it for the sake of all your Facebook friends). SAP ERP solutions have streamlined internal business processes from sales to HR. Long gone are the days of cursive writing

According to LinkedIn, the 25 skills that could get you hired in 2016 require technology that didn’t exist a short 15 years ago, let alone 40. 

Just think, by the time little Suzie grows up User Interface Designer, Web Architect Developer or Shell Scripting Language expert will most likely be obsolete or further evolved. She might even have the opportunity to be a real Space Cadet. 

How efficiently do you use data to improve your HR processes? We’ve got self-driving cars, are we on the verge of self-driving HR? Let’s sit around the virtual dinner table and share HR innovations ideas?

Got an idea? Send it to me. At Innotrieve we’re here to help you work smarter not harder.

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