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Four Practical Ways Data Science Can Help HR

By: Jerry Thurber Thursday October 22, 2015 comments

Most human resource professionals did not spend their school days geeking out with technology and probably get a knot in the stomach when someone starts to talk about using advanced data science techniques like artificial intelligence in HR or big data solutions for HR or predictive analytics in HR. If you are one of those who dives for the smart-phone when the tech guys come in to give an update at the manager’s meeting – here are some basic simple thoughts about how advanced technologies can help human resources:

  1. Smarter Skill Matching: face it, people have wide and varied job experiences now. Deciding which of these skills are relevant to your job opening is getting harder and will get even harder in the next decade. Advanced matching techniques will sort through this noise for you.
  2. Employee Skill Assessment and Alignment: Do you think everyone of your employees is doing what they are best suited for? Do you think people leave because they feel like they are underutilized? Work being done in the data analytics area can help you assess this by looking at the skills of your employees and comparing it to the jobs they are doing. And – maybe even compare that to their social media profiles to see what they are interested in.
  3. Employee Referrals: employees don’t refer much and when they do, don’t refer well. But your employees know hundreds of people that you could be leveraging to find new hires
  4. Resume Verification and Reference Checking: we have to face the fact that most companies and most candidate references are inadequate. Research being done today is figuring out whether a person’s “electronic footprint” is perhaps a more valuable way to understanding if your candidate is who he/she says they are and if they would be a good fit.

There’s more areas as well. You can do goodness of fit analysis, you can provide employees with career guidance, or you can help laid off people find a great next job. There are multiple dimensions where advanced data science techniques will be helping HR professionals over the next few years. Don't le the geek talk scare you, you can get into these tools now. 

Want to talk more about it – or see if your particular problem could be helped with HR data science. Contact us at Innotrieve. We love to talk about this stuff. We talk geek for HR. 

About the Author: Jerry Thurber