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Corporate Social Responsibility: A Pint for a Pint

By: mprinz Thursday June 23, 2016 comments

A couple of weeks ago, four new elements were added to the Periodic Table. The one I have, under glass below my elbows on the tabletop I type, was outdated. With a red Sharpie, I filled it in this morning and in doing so, noticed number 26 Fe – Iron. For some reason it got me thinking about blood. In case you missed it, every year on June 14th it’s World Blood Donor Day. Every day should be World Blood Donor Day. People need life-saving transfusions more than once a year. 

I don’t normally endorse things - Disney, bottle rockets or otherwise - but hosting a company blood drive can make a difference in multiple lives, not just those who are gifted the blood. I’m willing to bet most, either know someone or have been that someone who has needed a pint in the past  - or will in the future. Artificial blood is coming. Transfusion trials are supposed to start in the next year or two. Until then, we need to rely on one another. 

And the great news, it’s easy. Below are eight steps to help you successfully phlebotomize your employees. 

  1. Give the event a name, for example: a Pint for a Pint. Make it compelling but be conscious. Your goal is to entice (not repulse) undecided woozy employees.  
  2. Have management seek employee feedback or survey the company to get a handle on willing donors.
  3. Contact a local mobile blood bank or two.
  4. Pick a time and a place. For highest turnout, be deliberate of when and where and promote it to death but leave the gore and the lunchroom out. Not everyone is fond of needles. Or blood for that matter. Mixing needles, blood and food? Well that’s just gross.
  5. Speaking of needles, needle the competition. Create friendly rivalry among departments. Have awards for first-timers, fastest and slowest bleeders, fainters, and so on.
  6. Provide them with food, drink, berries or whatever comes in a pint. Well not everything. A lot of things come in pints. Or give them the afternoon off. Better yet, both.
  7. Create an elaborate award for the “bloodiest department” to proudly display.
  8. And most importantly, plan it as a recurring event.


In the US, every two seconds someone needs a pint. Make blood donation drives your Corporate Social Responsibility - because you never know. Give a little get a lot.


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