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Who Are You Connected To? It Might Get You Hired

By: Jerry Thurber Wednesday October 29, 2014 comments Tags: hr innovation, hr trends and ideas, social HR

In the not too distant future, will people hire you based on the strength of your connections in Linked In and other social and professional networks? Is it happening today? Should it ever happen? Hire me I know HR Margo! (With all apologies to Margo for admitting that we are connected on Twitter) There is a constant struggle to find high-performers in any organization. Companies have tried all sorts of things to figure out how to beat dumb luck as the best way to find that special person who is able to contribute more than any of... Read More

Can HR Be Innovation Revolutionaries?

By: Jerry Thurber Tuesday February 25, 2014 comments Tags: hr innovation, hr trends and ideas, social HR

Human Resources is not traditionally thought of as a hot bed of innovation. Most HR people are steady, thoughtful and deliberate. Good thing too - who would want HR to be a "risk taking" group. But in my opinion this is exactly where the next decade of innovation has to come from. The way people (employees if you must) interact with the company they work for is rapidly changing. Traditional concepts around career growth, employee engagement, recruiting, screening and retention are all changing rapidly. The relationship that kids in high... Read More