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2016 The Year of Monkey Business

By: mprinz Friday February 5, 2016 comments

The Chinese have used the lunar calendar hand-in-hand with the zodiac to predict and align successful partnerships in both love and commerce for at least 2600 years. They believe the sign you’re born under includes prophetic outliers that provide insight into whether or not you’d be a good ‘match’ to a person or company based on your temperament - as defined by the laws of the planets. Which fortunately or unfortunately for you, is predetermined by the day, month and year of your birth - right down to the very minute. Something you can do nothing about. 

In China, timing is everything. Businesses to births are structured from inception and financial decisions are made according to proper planetary alignment. Auspicious time-frames are selected for significant events in an effort to influence a positive outcome. And if that’s not enough, occasions are commemorated with a flaming brick of firecrackers to help scare bad luck away. 

You can’t control the obvious, but in business, choosing good dates and times for meetings does have its merits. Some believe Ben Franklin convinced the founding fathers to sign the Declaration of Independence on the 4th instead of the 2nd because according to the celestial lineup, it was more favorable. 239 years later we still celebrate the date with a firework show. Even Walt Disney consulted the stars before releasing new movies and ends each night at the Magic Kingdom with a bang. Coincidence? I think not. 

This is not a sales pitch for bottle rockets nor am I promoting Disney. As an HR professional, it’s your responsibility to encourage a harmonious environment. Help employ the concept of timing in astrology to improve personnel relations and day-to-day operations. For the sake of the Monkey, share the following practical advice with management:


  1. Think twice before scheduling meetings at 4:00pm on any Friday.
  2. Start meetings at 8:00am on Monday mornings after Super Bowls, Holidays and Vacations. Don’t. Seriously. Don’t do that.
  3. Lastly, never plan a meeting during a meal without food because it’s idiotic.


For over 25,000 years, we’ve been looking to the sky to help forecast cycles. Without it, we’d still think the world was flat. It’s human nature to track time, maximize yours by managing it more effectively.


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